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Kenley Farrel Memorial Scholarship

Sponsored by Hatfield's Spraying Services, Nunica, Michigan & the Michigan Mosquito Control Association

  • $1,000.00 first place
  • $250.00 second place
MMCA annually presents a scholarship to encourage interest in mosquito control and to assist a student financially towards a higher education in Natural Science or a related field. Application form and instructions for the scholarship are available below. Please call us at 989-894-4555 for more information.

2012 - "Pesticide Resistance:  Is There a Potential Public Health Disaster?"

2011 - "Impact of Mosquito-Borne Disease on Society"

1st Place Winner - Stephen Ireland - Winning Essay
2nd Place Winner - Myles Sakshaug - Winning Essay
2010 - "Mosquito Evolution:  Life History and Strategies for Success"

1st Place Winner - Maryssa Mitchell - Winning Essay
2nd Place Winner - Dalton Allan - Winning Essay
2009 - "History of Mosquito-borne Disease in Michigan"

1st Place Winner - Andrew Willson - Winning Essay
2nd Place Winner - Cody Commons - Winning Essay
2008 - "Mosquitoes as a Potential Host for Emerging Infectious Disease"

1st Place Winner - Justin Middleton - Winning Essay
2nd Place Winner - Megan Morris - Winning Essay
2007 - "The Hidden Cost of Mosquito-Borne Disease"

1st Place Winner - Trisha Hebert - Winning Essay
2nd Place Winner - Marguerite Weiss - Winning Essay
2006 - "Mosquitoes, Malaria and Man"

1st Place Winner - Zachary DeWald - Winning Essay
2nd Place Winner - Katie King - Winning Essay
2005 - "Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes: Panacea or Pandora's Box"

1st Place Winner - Kendra Byler - Winning Essay
2nd Place Winner - Christine Bobick - Winning Essay
2004 - "Bio-terrorism: Concerns for Mosquito Control"

1st Place Winner - Stephanie Tack - Winning Essay
2nd Place Winner - Amy Trogan - Winning Essay
2003 - "The Importance of Pesticides to the Preservation of Public Health"

Winner - Robyn C. Boeke, University of Michigan - Winning Essay
2002 - "Mosquitoes and Disease: Is There a Re-emerging Problem?"

Winner - Sarah Elizabeth Ladenburger, Calvin College - Winning Essay
2001 - "West Nile Virus: A New Concern for North America"

Winner - Stacy Finkbeiner, University of Michigan - Winning Essay
2000 - "Mosquito Borne Disease: Still a Scourge for the 21st Century?"

Winner - Laurie Vance, Albion College
1999 - "Nature's Control of Mosquitoes, Does it Work?"

Winner - Lacey Ann Wilmot, University of Michigan
1998 - "Mosquitoes: Their Control for Quality of Life"

Winner - Jason Palmer, University of Michigan
1997 - "Mosquitoes: Man's Scourge"

Winner - Andrew Richardson, Adrian College
1996 - "Why Control Mosquitoes?"

Winner - Kari Collier, Baker Community College

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