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News from Around the Districts

Bay County Mosquito Control, Bay City, MI

Rebecca Brandt - (989) 894-4555

The start of 2017 has brought exciting changes to BCMC and provided a positive outlook on the upcoming season. Rebecca Brandt was named our new Director, Kristy Brandt was promoted to Supervisor and our Seasonal Supervisor position is currently in the process of being filled.

We are thankful that the approved millage increase in November afforded us the purchase of 7 new trucks and 2 new electric foggers to replace a portion of our aging equipment. A DC-IV droplet measurement machine was also purchased to enable us to do our own ULV calibration for the upcoming season.

One of our main priorities over the next year is to enhance outreach and education to our community. In partnership with the Bay City Public Schools, we are establishing an educational program for 1st graders on the mosquito life cycle to meet STEM benchmarks, with classroom presentations to begin in 2018. Over the next year we will be converting all of our outreach presentations from PowerPoint to live video footage to be aired on our Bay County public access TV station. In March, Facebook was used for the first time to announce the start of spring surveillance with the intent to continue posting items of educational interest to residents throughout the summer.

Improvements with GIS mapping are also at the forefront with help from our county GIS department. Joint idea-sharing sessions with neighboring mosquito control programs have been held to discuss the potential of GIS technology in future mosquito control operations.

Mosquito larvae were first noted on March 9, in flooded woodlots in Bay County. Monitoring will continue weekly to observe larval development, in what has been noted as drier than average woodlots with cooler temperatures. At this point, it looks as though aerial treatment will tentatively occur in mid-April. Arrangements have been confirmed to conduct aerial treatment locally out of James Clements Airport in Bay City for the first time. Operations had been conducted from Midland Barstow Airport for the past 25 years.

Hiring of seasonal technicians has taken place with nearly 70% of last year’s staff re-applying for 2017. This is a higher than normal return rate, and we will certainly benefit from having knowledgeable, trained employees available as soon as our season starts.

Control materials have been purchased, all required treatment permits have been applied for, and training programs, maps, and equipment are all being readied in preparation for a great 2017 season!

Midland County Mosquito Control

Carl Doud - (989) 832-8677

We have now welcomed our seasonal staff and all successfully passed state pesticide applicator exams. The rain of the past few days has created quite a lot of spring Aedes habitat and the pools are beginning to teem with larvae.

I (Carl Doud) attended the Ontario Vector Control Association’s conference in late March at Niagra-on-the-Lake Ontario. I had the pleasure of seeing Tom Wilmot yet again as he provided an overview of his Zika virus work with the CDC. As was shared during the MMCA meeting in February, both Aedes albopictus and Aedes aegypti were sampled in Windsor Ontario. Based on the abundance and number of sites that Ae. albopictus were captured, the public health officials believe it is established in that area.

We will all keep a close eye on any movement of these species and hope that they do not become established here in the Saginaw Valley. It is good to see the extensive efforts carried out by Erik Foster and several counties in southern Michigan to monitor for them.

Another item worth passing on is some research that was done at one of the universities in Ontario. Several Aedes vexans were infected with Zika virus to test if it is capable of replicating in the mosquito. Fortunately, the mosquitoes were incapable of transmitting the virus. This was good news and an interesting study as Aedes vexans is in the same subgenus as capable Zika vectors in the Pacific.

Wishing a safe and productive spring to all!

Saginaw County Mosquito Abatement Commission

Bill Stanuszek - (989) 755-5751

Interviews for seasonal employment were completed in February and early March with our annual training session held on March 31st and April 1st. We have again increased our hourly pay rate as minimum wage continues its “stepped” increase. We have a competent group ready for the season. Our first substantial influx of seasonal employees is scheduled to report to work on Monday, May 2nd.

Another unique beginning to the season, as of writing this we are experiencing the hatch of this year’s spring woodlot mosquitoes. It has been a prolonged hatching as we had a warm end to February which likely hatched some spring mosquitoes in the beginning of March. Then cold, dryer weather set in and halted further hatch and development. The end of March was wetter and we are now in full swing of spring larval surveillance. We were able to begin our aerial treatment of woodlots on Monday, April 17th, right after the Easter Weekend.

Our Education Coordinator has scheduled 180 classroom presentations. This year our annual Mosquito Abatement Challenge is a poster contest with the theme being “After each rain, dump and drain.”. All Saginaw County 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students are eligible to participate. Winners will receive their awards and recognition at the May Saginaw County Board of Commissioner’s meeting.

This summer we will be incorporating some new formulations and application equipment. Additional methoprene formulations are to be utilized in both Culex habitat as well as certain floodwater habitat as to offer extended efficacy. DeltaGard will again be part of our adulticiding operations in the Saginaw Metro Area. The targeted use of this deltamethrin product is part of our Resistance Management Program. We will also be investigating the use of controlled release formulations of Spinosad, Bti and Bs. The Biology department looks to further incorporate the BG-Sentinel traps into our existing surveillance program both to look for Aedes albopictus as well as utilize it for monitoring native Aedes species.

Tuscola County Mosquito Abatement

Kim Green - (989) 673-3748

Spring 2017 has arrived and we are ready for what is looking to be a busy, yet productive season. We have purchased a 2017 GMC truck to replace one of our fleet trucks, as well two ULV truck mounted sprayers and two backpack sprayers have been ordered. We currently have eight scrap tire collections scheduled for this season with more to come.

We started off March 13th and 14th with a review and a test day for our returning technicians that required recertification and 8 new hires. Two representatives from The Michigan Department of Agriculture were on-site to deliver the test.

On March 27th, our Foremen returned and began updating new long drives that will be added this year, along with new No Spray properties, that have been updated through the Field Watch Site, these will be placed on our route maps for the technicians to utilize during the 2017 season.

The TCMA crew is scheduled to return on Monday, April 3. After a morning of going over our policies with employees and assigning their equipment, we will then begin the process of training our newly hired technicians. Tuscola County is home to many public use areas, some being larger than others, we will use larger crews to complete these areas: golf courses, parks, campgrounds etc.

Our Biologist, Gavin Greer has been busy preparing for this year’s mosquito season. At this time he is testing larviciding materials in the flooded woodlots. He will soon begin calibration of our equipment using the AIMS (Army Insecticide Measurement System).

*****News from Around the Districts is published in the Skeeter Scanner. This is the MMCA quarterly news letter distributed to MMCA Members.