Michigan Mosquito Control Association
PO Box 366, Bay City, MI 48707
office (989) 894-4555 | fax (989) 894-0526


The Michigan Mosquito Control Association (MMCA) was organized in July of 1986 and has 120 members from several states.  The members include mosquito control professionals, public health officials, government officials, scientist and interested citizens.  Members are actively involved in legislative issues relating to mosquito control and pesticides, public education, training, and  publishing MMCA's newsletter - The Skeeter Scanner.  An annual conference is usually held the first week in February.

If you would like to join or register for the next conference you may print out the PDF document below and follow the included instructions for mailing and payment.

MMCA Membership Form.pdf

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MMCA Goals

  1. Promote mosquito control in Michigan whenever control is feasible.
  2. Maintain public interest in areas where mosquitoes are not being controlled.
  3. Keep up with the new developments in control methods.
  4. Disseminate information concerning mosquitoes and diseases they transmit to its membership and the general public through publications and meetings.
  5. Unite and coordinate common interests and efforts.

Why Join?

  • The quarterly Skeeter Scanner Newsletter will keep you informed on the Associations activities and current events regarding mosquito control and surveillance.
  • You will receive information about the February annual conference and the October training session.
  • Conference Proceeding of the annual MMCA Meeting.